Happy Father’s Day

I want to wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day.

I was born a “daddy’s girl”.  I have always adored my father (although when I was in trouble I may have faltered a bit – we won’t say how often that happened).

I heard a song when I was young called “I Want to Marry Daddy When I Grow Up”.  I believe if God has marriage for my life, then my husband will be a man similar to my dad.  A man of integrity, who seeks to put God first and share that with others.  My dad took me on my first date – when I was 8 years old.  He taught me how I should be treated.  Let’s just say I have very high standards.

I shared in a previous post how my dad taught me to love thunderstorms.  Another special memory is when I was 14.  The memory of the day I trusted Christ as my personal Savior was fading.  I had doubts about my salvation.  Youth leaders and Christian school teachers often taught that we should “make sure” we were saved.  I felt I needed to pray to ask Jesus to save me from my sins.  I knew I had to tell someone, so one night I told my dad.  Instead of having me “make sure” he started telling me why he thought I was truly a Christian.  I’m pretty sure I thought he was crazy (I’ve said this before).  I had it so ingrained in my head that I needed to “make sure” that I didn’t think there was any other option.  However, in godly wisdom, my dad listed evidence of salvation and shared Romans 10:9-10 with me.  I realized that this was true in my life (due to the ministry of the Holy Spirit).  I have at times struggled with doubt since that day, however, God used my dad to give me assurance based on Bible teaching.

So on Father’s Day this year, I want to publicly say, “Thank you , Dad.  I love you.  Happy Father’s Day.”

Who Are You Watching?

We all have people we look up to and respect.  This may be a favorite teacher/college professor, a pastor, parents, a close friend, etc.  However, when you look up to them – who are you really watching?

God has been teaching me that when I look at people I admire, I shouldn’t watch the person.  I should look at Christ’s work in their lives.  People will make mistakes.  The best examples are people who seek Christ and allow Christ to shine through them.

How about the reverse?  Who is watching you?  And whom do they see?  I pray that God increases in my life and I disappear – so people only see Christ and His work.