Snow, Snow, and More Snow

In southern Minnesota this past Monday we had 17 inches of heavy, wet snow. We can get a lot of snow, but this came down in a 10 hour period. Even for hardy Minnesotans, this was a bit much. The plows couldn’t keep up. While I was clearing the snow from my driveway, a memory from several years ago came back.

Those who have read my blog know how much I like “the little blessings” of life. I have been given many over the years.

This story was after a heavy snow. Not as much as this week, but enough to wear me out. It was a Wednesday afternoon and I had just gotten home from work. The plows had come through and I couldn’t get into my driveway. I parked in the street and prepared myself to start the heavy chore. I felt the pressure of getting it done quickly since I was in charge of the pre-school group at church that night. I started shoveling with all the energy I had. About halfway through (as I was getting tired), I saw a red pickup out of the corner of my eye. I knew a couple of people with red pickups and one was a man from church who lived not far from me. Sure enough, he was there with his snowblower. I was so relieved. The shoveling was done! He got his snowblower going and finished clearing the driveway. The job was completed in plenty of time for me to eat some supper and get to church on time.

How did he know I needed help? I’m glad you asked. On his way home from coaching basketball practice, he saw my struggle. He got home and told his wife that he had to go help. God chose to share my burden with someone.

I have cleared many inches of snow from my driveway in the 12 years I have been in my house. Much of it on my own, but many times with help. While I am willing to take on the responsibility that comes with home ownership, I am thrilled when there is help to get the job done.

God brings help and blessings in many different ways. This time He sent someone in a red pickup.

Praise the Lord for His help!