Have you ever worried?  I certainly have.

I love this picture.  Pretty flowers with a beautiful, blue sky background.  However, life is not always this pretty.  Sometimes it is downright ugly.  There is much trouble.  But worrying about the trouble (especially tomorrow’s trouble) doesn’t help me.  In fact, it can be a great hindrance to what I need to accomplish today.  Worry also doubts God’s ability to provide.

I am thankful God has given us passages like Matthew 6:25-34.  My loving Heavenly Father takes care of the lilies and the birds.  He will take care of me.  He has promised.  God always (yes, always) keeps His promises.

I am thankful for God’s promises. They are encouraging, but sometimes I still worry.  The best remedy I know for worry is pleading in prayer.  I know God will listen and provide.

Matthew 6 34

Holding On or Letting Go

Holding On:  Many times we find ourselves holding on to what we want.  Our dreams, hopes, aspirations.


Letting Go:  Sometimes God gives us what we desire, but sometimes He has other plans for us.  I have prayed that God would replace my desires with His (Psalm 37:4).


Sometimes I struggle telling the difference between what I should hold on to and what I should let go of.  Is this what God is giving me?  Is this what He wants?  During those times I hold on tight to the promises of God.  Pleading in prayer.

000_0427 (2)

Remembering How Much God Loves Us

I was recently reminded of a story from my time of teaching K4.  One of my students needed to have heart surgery which was scheduled for mid-December.  As a class we prayed for him at the beginning of every school day.  I know how easy it is to look at difficult circumstances and think that God doesn’t love me.  I also know that a 4 year old doesn’t have deep theological understanding.  I wanted to pray something that my students could understand.  Each time we prayed I asked for God’s help for the surgery and that God would remind this boy and his family how much God loved them.

When times get tough it is, unfortunately, easy to question if God loves us.  I know.  I have been there.  However, for those of us who have trusted Jesus Christ as our Savior, He has lovingly handpicked each challenge to help us become more like Him.

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, know this. His burden is lighter than your pleasure.  Knowing Him is the only way to find true and lasting happiness.

My prayer for you today, no matter what you are facing, is that God helps you to remember how much He loves you.  I know He will.

A Lesson from Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds try 2

Hummingbirds are notorious for not getting along.  When one is at a feeder he usually will fight off any other that comes near.  This picture was taken at a restaurant in Colorado.  They had some hummingbird feeders along the front of the building.  There were several times when more than one hummingbird was at a single feeder.  How did these hummingbirds get along?  I have no idea, but it makes for a great picture and a good lesson.

We should work on sharing the blessings we are given.



Tonight I got to hear one of my favorite sounds.  A thunderstorm.  This is highly unusual for Minnesota in March.  We are more likely to get a snowstorm (which we did – a week ago this past Friday – over 12 inches overnight – but enough of that.)  Today God gave us a warmer day with rain and thunder.

As a child I did not like thunderstorms at all.  I was terrified of them.  Then one day my dad told me that he loved thunderstorms.  I’m pretty sure I thought he was crazy.  Then he told me that the thunder and lightning reminded him of the power of God.  Those of us that have trusted Jesus Christ as our Savior do not need to be afraid of God.  We are His children.  I had trusted Christ by that point in my life so the words meant something to me.  I didn’t enjoy thunderstorms right away after that, but the fear started subsiding.  Some years later I found myself loving the sound of God’s power.  So tonight I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the sound my Heavenly Father made and my earthly father helped me to enjoy.