Tonight I got to hear one of my favorite sounds.  A thunderstorm.  This is highly unusual for Minnesota in March.  We are more likely to get a snowstorm (which we did – a week ago this past Friday – over 12 inches overnight – but enough of that.)  Today God gave us a warmer day with rain and thunder.

As a child I did not like thunderstorms at all.  I was terrified of them.  Then one day my dad told me that he loved thunderstorms.  I’m pretty sure I thought he was crazy.  Then he told me that the thunder and lightning reminded him of the power of God.  Those of us that have trusted Jesus Christ as our Savior do not need to be afraid of God.  We are His children.  I had trusted Christ by that point in my life so the words meant something to me.  I didn’t enjoy thunderstorms right away after that, but the fear started subsiding.  Some years later I found myself loving the sound of God’s power.  So tonight I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the sound my Heavenly Father made and my earthly father helped me to enjoy.

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