May Your Kingdom Come

I had a little bit of trouble finding information about this phrase. The basic Bible study tools that I own didn’t have much information. However, the Kindle version of the New English Translation (with full notes) had a well worded explanation.

“Your kingdom come represents the hope for the full manifestation of God’s promised eschatological rule reflected in the OT prophetic literature, the ongoing hope of the Jewish people, a hope which is subsumed by Christianity.”

Those of us who serve Jesus look forward to positive future times as described in the book of Revelation. The hope that we have is not just wishful thinking. Hope in God’s Word is a guarantee. He will always do what He says. God never fails.

This phrase of the Lord’s prayer shows a willingness to allow God to work towards something He has promised will happen. We need to cooperate with His will. And friends – when we allow ourselves to be open to God’s way, we are more likely to be satisfied. God’s gifts are always the best.

May Your Name Be Honored

The next phrase in the Lord’s prayer is easy to say, but it is much harder to live. God is worthy of honor. His name alone is worthy of honor! Yet as flawed human beings we want to honor ourselves. It is in our nature.

The concept of humility has been heavy on my mind lately. I think we get confused about what that word really means. According to to be humble is “not proud or arrogant; modest”. Definition 2 is “having a feeling of insignificance, inferiority, subservience, etc.”

I think we get hung up on definition 2. We think if we put ourselves down then we are humble. However, “low self-esteem” is just as proud as thinking we are wonderful. Both concepts are centered around “me, myself and I” and therefore based in pride.

So how do we learn humility? Jesus is the perfect example. Philippians 2:5-8 tells us about how Jesus although worthy of worship, humbled Himself and obeyed His Father’s command to die on the cross. When I follow Jesus’ example prayer in Matthew 6, I honor the Father’s name. This is a good reminder that I am not worthy of honor.

Biblical humility needs to be a life-long pursuit. It is only obtainable by pleading in prayer.

Our Father in Heaven

Jesus example prayer starts with a simple concept, yet there is so much in it. I hadn’t thought about the first word much, but Warren Wiersbe drew attention to it in his commentary on the book of Matthew, Be Loyal. Wiersbe points out that there no singular pronouns in the Lord’s prayer. They are all plural. While some cultures in the world have a more group mentality, there are many of us who live in individualistic societies. We too easily think of ourselves first. However, Jesus example shows us that we are to be thinking of others.

The next piece is God being our Father. For those of us who have a good Father this is a comforting thought. We have known the love, care and hard work that our earthly father showed to us. We have been able to see a picture of our Heavenly Father. For those who didn’t have a good earthly Father might have a harder time with this. Please know that God is the perfect Father. He never makes a mistake. He never does anything unloving.

One note – God is NOT everyone’s Father. Matthew 7:21-23 tells us that not everyone who claims to follow God will enter the kingdom of heaven. Romans tells us that placing our trust in Jesus Christ to be our Savior is the will of God. If you don’t know how to truly be a child of God, please talk to me. I would be happy to share what God has said. His way is perfect.