God’s Gifts

Gifts from God come in all shapes and sizes. The picture behind this verse is from friends who are on vacation. They sent me a few pictures and said that they thought I should put a verse with this one.  I was so touched that they were thinking of me while on vacation. I was [...]

Christian Friends

Today I had the chance to talk to Christian friends that I haven't seen for a while.  I enjoyed the blessing of a relationship that God put together.  I meet this couple 20 years ago when I was their son's 4th grade teacher.  Over the years we have seen each other here and there (we [...]

“Me First”

Usually, we think of "me first" as a selfish idea.  Most of the time it is.  However, when it comes to giving - we should lovingly say, "Let me give first".  When a conflict arises, love says, "Let me makes things right first."  When there is a need, Christ-likeness decides to go first to meet [...]