Whose Kingdom

As we think about Jesus’ Example Prayer, we should also look at Jesus’ life. Jesus is God the Son. He is equal with God the Father, but chose to submit Himself to carry out His Father’s will. Jesus is worthy of worship. We are not. Why do we think that our own will should be put before God’s? Yet how often do we put our kingdom first?

Friends, keep talking to God. He will show us how we need to live. He will make His way known as we seek Him. His way is worth it.


Jesus’ Example Prayer continues with “Thy kingdom come.” This is an easy thing to say, but harder to do. Telling God to allow His kingdom means I have to give up my own. I think we mean well trying to build our own kingdoms. We think our plans are going to help build God’s. However, if we don’t carefully spend time in prayer, we risk putting our agenda in place of God’s.

This is the beauty of prayer. When I am willing to give up my kingdom and ask God to build His instead, I gain so much more.

Our View of God

There are some who think God’s expectation of worship (Jesus honoring God’s holy name is The Disciples Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13) is a sign of arrogance. Friends, God is NOT filled with sinful pride. We are. We think we are wise, but our thinking is inherently flawed. The book of Romans reminds us of those flaws. We need God’s wisdom.  James 1:5-8 tells us how to gain God’s wisdom. When we have truth in our hearts and minds we will understand how God is worthy of honor. 

Honoring Him is a blessing to me. God is so good.

But What Does That Mean?

The first petition in Jesus’ Example Prayer in Matthew 6 (ESV) is “May Your name be honored.” What does that really mean? I have read different commentaries as I studied to write my posts on Jesus’ Example Prayer. The NIV Application Commentary talks about honoring God’s name as a part of our worship. God is worthy of worship. Unfortunately, we spend too much time and effort on pursuits that do not draw us closer to God.

Jesus’ Example Prayer reminds us of who God is and where our worship should be directed. Any lesson Jesus taught is worthwhile learning. I hope this is a lesson you are seeking to learn.

God is so good.