What Control Do I Have?

I have found it easy to be confused about where I have control. I start with correct thinking such as, “I am responsible for my actions”, but I can fall into thinking that I can control the results. Proverbs 16:9 gives us insight into what God does in our lives. We can make plans, but ultimately God directs through His Sovereignty.

What control do I really have? Not much, but I can spend time in prayer asking for help to make wise decisions. Then I can eagerly watch (Psalm 5:3) for what God will do.

Single or Married

I wonder how many clicks I will get on this blog post link. I have been surprised at the extent of people’s interest in articles about marital status. I suppose I shouldn’t be, but my thoughts on this topic don’t seem to fit what I hear from many…both single and married.

While I can experience desire for the joys of marriage, I crave acceptance for my singleness more. God has chosen singleness for me and I do not want to change His choice. God has blessed me through friendships, children’s ministry, etc. and I know I have not missed out.

I have seen numerous articles on singleness – I was hoping to write my own. However, the blog in the link below is so well written – a Biblically balanced view – and I decided to share this article.


My word for this year is prayer. How does that apply to marital status? We need to pray for a proper view of marital status.  You cannot have a Biblical view of marriage without a Biblical view of singleness.  I pray God’s name is honored in my singleness.




Choices and Prayer

I was thinking last night about choices. We have a lot of freedom to make the choices we want. Along with that freedom of choice comes the freedom to experience the consequences. We don’t like negative consequences. We only want the happiness we think our choices will bring.

Friend, I pray you are aware of the direction your choices take you. The only way to make good choices is to take time daily to ask God to guide us. When we submit to His guidance, we will be more joyful and content with the decisions we make.

Keep pleading in prayer.

When the Cavalry Seems Far Away

Last week I posted the story of help that came my way after a hefty snow storm. I was worn out from shoveling and thoroughly enjoyed the help. However, what happens when it feels like (or is really true) that help is not close at hand? We are looking at more snow tonight and after 52″ total snowfall in February, we are weary.

I have been praying the last few days knowing that more snow was coming. The prediction, of course, changes as we get closer to the storm (meteorologists don’t know what God will do, they simply look at weather patterns and make educated guesses). I am tired of shoveling and still getting everything else in life done. Complaining can come all too easily. However, God is still good and will use this time to perfect me. So I go back to praying. I need God’s help to keep up with life. Both the normal aspects of life as well as the storms. In this case it is another snowstorm.

So friend, whatever storm is in your life or will be coming – just keep praying. God will give strength and hope as you seek Him.

God is so good.

The Cavalry Came in a Red Van

Today I want to tell a story from this past week. Minnesota has hit records for snowfall this past month. Not just snow for February, but snow for any month. Most of us are exhausted from the shoveling, bad roads, and other winter hazards. A week ago we had another blizzard. I knew there would be a lot of snow to shovel, so I prepared myself. I shoveled about 4 inches Saturday night before I went to bed. It was a bit heavier so I was glad to get it done before the worst hit. Sunday morning I woke up to bare spots on one side of my driveway and 3-4 foot drifts on the other side. I started shoveling knowing I had the whole day. My church chose to cancel the services to allow people to stay home during the horrible weather.

After 3 different tries of shoveling for 30-45 minutes each, I decided to call for help. A family in my church helped a few weeks ago and offered future help if I needed it. After a few text messages and phone calls, I knew someone would be at my house in 45 minutes. I wasn’t sure who would show up, but I enjoyed seeing the red van and 3 guys getting out. A father and his 20 something son as well as a teen from another family were armed with shovels and a little snow thrower. Before you mock the little snow thrower – it did the job! We broke up the chunks at the end of the driveway while the dad got his snow thrower ready (it is the kind that needs to be plugged in). About 30 minutes later (maybe even less, I had the rest of the driveway and sidewalks clear and one of the “mountains” at the side of my driveway leveled. Alone that job was a 1-2 hour job. With 4 of us – well, we know the saying, “many hands make light work”.

This group from my church are my brothers in Christ. They are also desirous of serving the Lord in various ways. Not many of us want to keep clearing the snow, but these 3 chose to serve the Lord by helping me. Thank you, friends! You made my week.

Below are before and after pictures. They aren’t the best (one is taken from inside my house), but I think they give the idea.

How does this fit with my theme of prayer? I prayed about taking on the task alone. I prayed about getting help. Then I praised the Lord for the help He sent.