Hugs from God

Life is full of various challenges.  We face the trial of living in a sin cursed earth which includes our own sin nature as well as that of others.  I find as I wade through the muck and mire of difficulties that I can feel weighed down with negativity.  As God teaches me to pray, He sends many hugs.  The hugs don’t get rid of the effects of sin, but they help me through.

One hug God has sent me this summer is through hummingbirds.  I have a hummingbird feeder on my deck.  I don’t often see them, although the sugar water levels have consistently gone down.  A few times in the evenings and on the weekend I have seen a hummingbird come up to the feeder and take a drink.  One night the hummingbird even flew towards my back door where I was standing and watching.  It was amazing.

God often sends blessings through people.  One such blessing came from friends of mine.  I was chatting with a couple of friends while one member of the household was working on a car.  When he brought in an old license plate from one car, I joked about the Vikings license plate cover on my car.  I wanted to remove it, but hadn’t gotten to it.  I’m not into football and I didn’t want to look like I was a Vikings fan.  About 5 minutes after the conversation, he comes back into the house with the Vikings license plate cover.  This is one of those “little things” that may seem silly, but is still fun.  I like my car much better without the Viking logo on it.

Friends, I know life can weigh us down and blessings seem few and far between.  However, the more I watch for blessings the more I believe God shows me.  If I am willing to receive as God chooses to give (knowing what is best for me), I will gain more.  I pray you see the many blessings (hugs) that God sends.

Eye Contact

Psalm 32:8 was the verse of the day in the You Version Bible App recently.  This is an interesting concept with our culture of staring into cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices.  At first I thought it was written from God’s perspective (a valid application), but as I read the passage and commentary on it, I found that it was the Psalmist seeking to teach others.

Psalm 32 8

God has sent me many advisers over the years.  The eyes in the upper left of this picture belong to one of my first advisers – my dad.  God sends each of us men and women who are to teach us how to live.  We should be willing to learn from them.

As we look our advisers in the eye we need to discern who they are following.  In 1 Corinthians 11:1, the apostle Paul teaches, “Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ.”  We should only seek advisers who are seeking Christ.  Sadly, there are false leaders who seek fame for themselves instead of giving the honor and glory to God.  As we seek God by reading His Word and praying, we will know who is following Christ and who is leading for themselves.  This is not to say that we will find perfect advisers, only Jesus Christ is perfect.  However, we can find advisers who live for Christ.

Who will you allow to look you in the eye?  I pray you have advisers to invest in your spiritual walk and lead you to become more like Jesus Christ.  His way is best.

Broken Rocks and Broken Hearts

Christmas a couple of years ago, my dad built a fire in their fire pit.  There wasn’t much snow so it was possible.  I thoroughly enjoyed the special memory.

Christmas Bonfire

My parents have enjoyed this fire pit for some years.  The rocks are a nice border.  My parents have watched with interest as the heat of the fire has cracked some of these rocks into separate pieces.  When I saw some of the broken rocks, I knew I needed to take a picture to use for a blog post.

Broken Rock

I have two thoughts about the broken rocks.

First, when the heat is turned up in our lives we can break.  God allows trials to change us (James 1).  The pain is excruciating at the time. No one likes the pain of breaking.  However, God has a plan for the pain.  God changes us into the image of His Son (Romans 8:29).

The other thought is more difficult.  Sometimes we allow our hearts to become hardened.  God, in His love, brings trials to discipline us (Hebrews 12).  Sometimes those trials break us.

Friend, if you are broken, I pray that you have the first kind of brokenness.  The second is the result of pushing God aside.  That is never a good place to be.

Either way, seek Christ.  Allow Him to work and change you.  There is no better place to be than broken and in God’s hands.