Thankfulness Challenge – Day 3

The more I think about what Christ did for me, the more blessings I can list.  Today I want to thank God for Christian friends.  I have some amazing friends.

There are some ladies in my church that could be mother figures to me (and sometimes they are), but they also treat me as an equal.  They care about me and invest in me – and allow me to invest in them.  I am filled with love and joy from their efforts.

There are men in my church who will take time to work on projects on my house.  Many of them showed concern when I didn’t have a furnace until the day before Thanksgiving in 2010 and when my roof was not in good shape a few years later.

There are various musicians who have invested in my musical ability (considering I have minimal formal training).  I have learned from them and feel more comfortable playing and singing in front of people (not my favorite place to be).

I have one particular friend who is extra special.  Most of our conversations turn to things of Christ.  I can discuss any topic (no really – any topic) with her.  She will listen and share what she has learned. We have lived through trials together. Grown and matured (and taken steps back) in our spiritual walk.  I have learned the depth that relationships can have when Christ is in the center.

I have many stories written down about blessings from many friends – no single post could hold them all.

I thank God for all of you.


An additional note:  I typed this post last night.  I visited one friend this afternoon – one of my “mother figure” friends.  She gave me a gift and thought that the gift bag was as much of a gift as what was inside.  She was right – see the pic below.


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