The “Little” Things

Another saying on my favorite tea came from Sherlock Holmes.

“To the great mind, nothing is little.” – Sherlock Holmes

I was excited to find someone had already made this kind of comment, since I had been thinking this for some time.  Yes, I know Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character, but I think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was on to something.  In the Sherlock Holmes stories little details helped to solve cases.  I have found in real life the little things can have a profound impact.

A well timed text message on a rough day.  A postcard in the mail.  A smile at the right moment.  Someone starting my car and scraping the windshield for me.  All of these can seem like small things, but the blessing has been big.

The opposite is also true.  The little negatives can add up and cause great hurt.  However, I have found that the small positives can counteract the damage the negative has caused.

A plate of cookies.  A new craft idea.  A funny saying or comic.  A cute story.  I have enjoyed all of these.  And they made a difference.

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