Am I Enough?

I enjoy watching the movie “A Moms’ Night Out”.  The story is about a few moms that go to the same church.  They decide to have an outing with no husbands and no kids.  It is a fun idea, but the night doesn’t go the way they planned.

The best scene is when Bones (the tattoo parlor guy) talks to the mommy blogger after the night out goes badly.  She is complaining about how she isn’t “enough”.  Bones gives some great advice.  He tells her that she has impossible standards for herself.  This isn’t what she expects.  His words can give us all a light bulb moment.

We set impossible standards for ourselves and others.  We have thoughts about how life is supposed to be, then we try to live that ideal.  I have found many of these standards have no Biblical basis. 

God gives us a standard.  An impossible standard.  Our standard is Jesus Christ.  If we understand Romans 3, then we know we will fall short.  However, since God gave us the right to become the sons of God (John 1:12), He gave us the ability to become like Christ. 

So the next time you think you aren’t enough, ask God.  He will remind you that He is enough and He gives freely (James 1:5).  So you are enough.  Because He is.

Praise His Name!

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