The Power of Joy in 2018

I was watching a Christmas movie that showed the power of joy.  A woman who was considered unconventional smiled and shared joy with some rather stuffy people.  Some of them seemed incapable of joy and others seemed to have stopped due to sorrow around them.  The heroine of the story smiled, laughed and shared the joy that was spilling out despite her challenges.  I enjoyed watching many characters respond to her cheer.

There is great power in joy.  It is hard to stay gloomy in the presence of appropriate cheer.  This is not to say that there will not be sorrow and tears.  I have fought the pressure to always put on a happy face.  I felt as though I could not be honest about the pain of life.  God has brought me to a point of asking Him to help me deal with sorrow without throwing joy out the window.  This is not easy; it is a part of life-long learning.

I pray no matter what God allows in your life that you share in the power of joy.  May 2018 bring you closer to Him each day.  His power gives strength to balance sorrow and joy.

God is so good!

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