Finally Spring!

We had a normal winter in Minnesota, but after several mild winters this year felt colder, darker and longer than before. I have to admit, I do not enjoy temperatures well below 0 on a January morning. However, this is where God has me and He has given me many blessings in the land of frozen tundra.

One big blessing is the joy when spring finally arrives. We had a mid-April snow which gave us several inches of wet, white mush. That has finally disappeared and warm weather is here.

While there can be beautiful sunsets during the cold winter, I enjoy taking pictures more when the weather is warm. On Wednesday night, I was excited to see beautiful colors in the sky. God is a master painter. He takes the sun and sky and creates a masterpiece. Here are a few pictures of His work. The pictures never fully show the beauty of God’s work, but I will relish and enjoy them anyway.

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