More Lessons from Imperfect Flowers

Last summer I received day lilies from a friend of mine.  I had so much fun planting them and writing about what I learned.   I have enjoyed watching these flowers come back this year.  They are pretty and cheerful.

Last summer when I planted them, I talked about our idea of perfection.  We like to plan and lay things out so they will be “just so”.  However, being flawed human beings living in a sin cursed earth, we don’t have perfection in this life.  Too often we chase after wrong things – spending our energy on forcing the life we think we need.

This year my flowers came back beautifully and are starting to fill in the space where they are planted.  They haven’t completely filled the space beside the garage, but they will.  Day lilies are strong flowers that grow and spread.  That is how God made them and how He allows them to flourish.

So how about letting go and letting God grow the beauty in your life?  I know, it is very hard to do sometimes  We want to take control and make things turn out “just right”.  I can safely promise you that God’s way and timing are the best.  We will have just a mess, but God will grow perfectly spaced flowers.

1 Corinthians 3 6

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