Vision Correction

Since I was 25, I needed to wear vision correction.  My issue has been with distance vision.  The farther away something gets, the more blurry it looks to me.

Glasses are a good illustration for how we see in life. If we don’t have the proper vision correction we won’t see clearly.  The only way to get proper vision is to allow God to correct the issues.  Just as I need to go to the eye doctor to find out what prescription I need to see clearly, I need to go to my Spiritual Physician to make sure I see life clearly.

As flawed human beings we tend to see things through our own selfishness.  We need God to show us where we are wrong.  The Psalmist knew this.

Psalm 139 23-24

God has our best interest in mind.  So ask Him to show you what you need to change.  He will and He will help change you.  God loves you that much.

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