Don’t Judge a Book (or a Garage) by its Cover

As people drive up to this garage, they probably wonder what it is for.  There isn’t a house in sight, but it is outside of town so it is not unusual to have extra buildings.  What one would not expect is that this building contains a living space.  No really – this garage was turned into an apartment.  A friend of mine lives here.  As my active (sometimes overactive) brain thought about this, I knew I could write a blog post.

How often do we look at the external and think we have something figured out?  Truthfully, looking at this building and thinking it is a garage would be a valid assessment.  This building was built as a garage.  However, at some point the owner turned this into a living space.  On the left side you will find the kitchen and bathroom, behind the big garage door is the living room and to the right are a couple of bedrooms.

I know for many this illustration will be a bit of a stretch.  However, I have noticed in life that we have the tendency to decide we have the correct information without taking the time to verify what we think we know.  No matter how obvious something seems, we (as flawed human beings) are capable of misunderstanding.  So the next time you decide you have things figured out, ask God.  He can show you what you don’t know.


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