The Lamb of God

I was given this lamb ornament when I was a child.  I have often thought of this as visual for Jesus being the Lamb of God.  In Old Testament law, a perfect lamb had to be sacrificed for forgiveness of sin.  Jesus was born as a baby (the reason we celebrate Christmas) in order to grow up and be the perfect sacrifice for our sin.  

I love Christmas.  I enjoy putting up Christmas decorations, listening to and singing Christmas songs, and thinking about the joy and wonder of the season.  The most important piece of Christmas is to remember the purpose.  Jesus came, because we are sinners who cannot pay for our sin outside of suffering for eternity (read the book of Romans in the Bible). In order to pay this penalty for us, Jesus came to earth to be a man.  He lived a perfect life (the only man who ever could) so He could die for our sins.

I pray you have trusted in Jesus to save you from your sins.  If not, I pray you do today (2 Corinthians 6:2).

God is so good.

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