Pray and Pray Some More

I have talked about prayer in most of my blog posts this year. Prayer is something God is teaching me to do more. I spent several weeks talking about what we often call the Lord’s Prayer. It can be found in Matthew 6 and Luke 11. We call it the Lord’s Prayer because Jesus prayed it. However, it would be better titled either the Model Prayer or the Disciples’ Prayer. This is an example of how we should pray.

I was reminded that Jesus’ Model Prayer has much depth. It is possible to go through the prayer again and find new treasures.
God gives us so much.

Any time we study verses in the Bible, we should look at the complete context. Jesus Model Prayer is great to read alone, but we should look at the verses around it as well. Matthew 6 reminds us that we need to live for God and not our own purposes. Some want to do good things and pray to be seen by others. Jesus told His disciples that we should do these things without others noticing. That can be hard to do. However, as we seek to draw closer to Jesus, prayer will give us something better than the praise of men. We will draw closer to Christ and become more like Him. There is no better goal. No greater fulfillment.

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