Pleading for Help

I desperately long for Your deliverance.
I find hope in Your word.
My eyes grow tired as I wait for Your promise to be fulfilled.
I say, “When will You comfort me?”
For I am like a wineskin dried up in smoke.
I do not forget Your statutes.
How long must Your servant endure this?
When will You judge those who pursue me?
The arrogant dig pits to trap me,
which violates Your law.
All Your commands are reliable.
I am pursued without reason. Help me!
They have almost destroyed me here on the earth,
but I do not reject your precepts.
Revive me with your loyal love,
that I might keep the rules you have revealed.

Psalm 119:81-88 (NET)

Dear Heavenly Father, I need You.  Waiting on the fulfillment of Your promises is hard.  I feel the pain of the psalmist in dealing with the arrogant.  Please hold me fast with Your law so I don’t fall into the trap of the prideful.  I am weak. I ask for strength and revival from Your loyal love which you share with me through Your Holy Word.

I pray this in Jesus’ Name.

God is so good.

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