Fairness, Justice, and Reliability

You are just, O Lord,
and Your judgments are fair.
The rules You impose are just,
and absolutely reliable. 

Psalm 119:137-138 NET

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that your rules are like You: fair, just, and reliable.  This fills my heart with joy.

My zeal consumes me,
for my enemies forget Your instructions.
Your word is absolutely pure,
and Your servant loves it! 

Psalm 119:139-140 NET

I am excited to follow Your rules.  Why do some forget them?

I am insignificant and despised,
yet I do not forget Your precepts.
Your justice endures,
and Your law is reliable.
Distress and hardship confront me,
yet I find delight in Your commands.
Your rules remain just.
Give me insight so that I can live.

Psalm 119:141-144 NET

I am no one special, but I will follow Your ways. They are consistent and they last. When hard times come, Your ways are a comfort to me and bring joy.  I love You, Lord.

I pray this in Jesus’ Name.

God is so good.

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