Pleading in Prayer

2019 was about praying. I went through Jesus’ Example Prayer and now I have prayed through Psalm 119. God timed that one perfectly! For 2020 I want to continue praying God’s Word, but with a greater emphasis on God’s Word rather. God’s Word is the best foundation for life.

Here is the last section of Psalm 119. God is so good!

Listen to my cry for help, O Lord!
Give me insight by Your word!
Listen to my appeal for mercy!
Deliver me, as You promised. 

Psalm 119:169-170

Dear Heavenly Father, I need You! Give me the understanding that Your Word provides.  Listen to my plea for compassion and deliverance according to Your promises.

May praise flow freely from my lips,
for You teach me your statutes.
May my tongue sing about Your instructions,
for all Your commands are just. 

Psalm 119:171-172

May I readily show appreciation for how You teach me and sing about Your justice.

May Your hand help me,
for I choose to obey Your precepts.
I long for Your deliverance, O Lord;
I find delight in Your law.
May I live and praise You!
May Your regulations help me!
I have wandered off like a lost sheep.
Come looking for Your servant,
for I do not forget Your commands.

Psalm 119:173-176

I need help to continue choosing to obey Your ways. I long for the freedom only You can provide.  I have joy in Your law.  May I praise You as long as I live.  I need the protection and help from Your ways. 

I pray this in Jesus’ name.

God is so good.

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