Praise and Worship for Palm Sunday

The past several weeks have brought out the best and worst in people.  While there are a lot of tough things going on, the worst thing we could do is despair and forget God’s goodness. As we come to Easter (starting with Palm Sunday tomorrow), we need to dwell on the truth of Who God is.  God is a loving father, Who gave His only Son to save people who chose wrong over right (John 3:16).  Look at the book of Romans – you will see all of us have sinned.

Palm Sunday is a reminder of people who praised and worshipped Jesus.  Shortly before He gave His life to save us (John 10:18), he received praise and worship from those around Him.  People laid down palm branches for the donkey He rode to walk on.  This action was a sign of respect in the culture of that area and time.

Where is our respect and worship these days?  A potentially tough question any time – maybe even more so now.  I pray you know Who Jesus is and why worshiping Him is so important. If not, please ask.  I would be happy to share the truth of Who God is with you.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that Jesus gave His life so willingly to save my soul. Thank you for providing every need – especially when I’m not aware.  Please forgive me when I don’t pay attention to Your provision and help me to be more attentive. Oh Father, I want to share the hope – the sure hope – of Who You are and what You have done. Please guide me each day.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.

God is so good.

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