Do You Have Cabin Fever, Too?

I don’t know about you, but this has been another tough week living through the effects of this new virus. Working from home hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped.  I’m an introvert – this should be my dream.  There are some fun pieces of working from home, but spending the entire week at home is more than I like.

As I have fought to navigate the barrage of information, media sensationalizing (and negativity), stay at home orders, etc. I have found it difficult to know what to pray. I have my opinions on the situation – my viewpoints based on a lot of things.  And, no, I will not post them here. I will, however, seek to challenge everyone’s thinking.

Before you decide that your research has given you the correct data and interpretation of that data, please know – a small detail can change your understanding.  Before you think you have looked at it from all angles – know that there could still be a perspective you haven’t thought of – or another detail you don’t have.  That is why situations like this are so difficult.  No one has the perfect answer.  I have appreciated commentary that admits we didn’t know much about this virus to start with and we needed to learn.  One doctor said that is why they “practice” medicine – they are still learning.  So how do we navigate these sticky situations? 

Keep silent? Sometimes we should.  Listening is a great way to learn and show respect.

Speak up?  Sometimes we should.  When we fumble through the huge amounts of information (including misinformation) we will make mistakes.  We occasionally need to hear a different view.  Maybe we can give that view to someone else.

How do we know what to do?  The book of Proverbs gives great wisdom.  Today’s verse reminds me to give myself and all I do to God and He will direct me.  That includes how I navigate tricky situations like this one.

Dear Heavenly Father, I have many times prayed that I would be an effective tool to serve You.   I need Your help to navigate the difficulties.  I want to be used for the best purpose possible – to further Your work.  I commit my life to You.  I am Yours anyway.  Please help me to navigate this situation in a way that honors You and shows others Who You truly are.

I pray this is Jesus’ name.

God is so good.

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