Prayer Action

I am definitely a person who likes to take action.  Give me a problem to solve and the tools to solve it and you will find me a happy person.  When there are problems and I don’t feel like I have the tools or know how to solve them…well I wouldn’t say I am happy. 

One thing I have learned, whether I feel I can solve a problem or not, is that I need to start with prayer.  I think we don’t believe prayer is action.  However, when I stop to pray, I am doing something.  As I humble myself before Christ, He changes my heart.  He removes wrong thinking and strengthens correct thinking. 

I sometimes wonder if God chooses to withhold because we don’t ask, or we ask for wrong reasons.  James 4 talks specifically about our sin issues.  Verse 2 says “You do not have, because you do not ask.”  What if we spent more time asking for appropriate requests?  The Bible clearly shows us what is right and what is not.  We just need to spend time reading and studying God’s word to make sure our thinking is correct.

Dear Heavenly Father, I need Your help to continue spending time in prayer.  Please give me the wisdom and Scriptural thinking to pray correctly.  Thank you that you will give wisdom freely (James 1:5).  We have so many hard things going on right now.  Please help me to focus on You and Your way.  Please let me encourage others to do the same.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.

God is so good.

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