Who Needs Forgiveness

I know we often use this verse around election time.  Corruption seems more rampant.  Some of the corruption is from those seeking election; some is from those pushing for a person to be elected.  We want the wickedness to stop.  While that is a worthy desire, I think we forget our own issues.

2 Chronicles 7:14 is specifically for the children of Israel.  However, I think this concept applies to children of God today – those who have trusted in Jesus as their Savior.  The verse says, “My people who are called by My name.”  Friends, those of us who claim Christ are called to humble ourselves, pray, and seek God’s face.  I think we want those who have rejected Christ to do that first.  While we should pray for those who do not know Christ to seek God also, we need to do this daily.   

Dear Heavenly Father, I still struggle with my sin nature.  Please forgive me for my sins and help me to turn away from wrong behavior.  I claim Your promise to hear, forgive and heal.  I pray for those who do not know You.  Please help me to be the example to help people desire a relationship with You.  Thank You for providing a way to know You and find forgiveness and healing.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.

God is so good.

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