Grace Meeting My Needs

God brought me through surgery and a week and half recovery at this point.  I am so thankful for many things that happened.  I was definitely nervous, but God sent really nice people.  Everyone was gracious and caring.  One nurse was Anna from Poland.  She was fun to talk to and she did a great Minnesota accent imitation – she was spot on!  All of the medical professionals were amazing.  I hope to write down more stories.  I knew nurses were hard working, but seeing what the nurses and PCT (patient care technicians) had to go through just to get me up – wow!  They are amazing!

I know God is good, but I often need tangible reminders of His goodness.  It is my goal to pay attention and write down as many of those as I can.  Surgery was hard (the road to recovery has not ended yet), but these difficult things bring many opportunities to watch for God’s grace.  I pray that I always remember that thought.  Hard times are hard, but God is bigger and more gracious than the hard times.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for showing me so much evidence of Your grace.  Please help me to remember the specifics of what You have done and dwell on them.  Please remind me of these stories when I struggle and doubt.  Thank You for Your goodness.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.

God is so good.

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