The Opposite of Sin

Last week I talked about the fact that we are sinners.  If that was the end of the story, life would be endlessly depressing.  Thankfully God has the opposite of sin – righteousness.  It is simple – faith in Jesus Christ.  Then we can have the righteousness of God. 

I fear that our society doesn’t understand the beauty of righteousness in God.  Maybe Christians don’t understand that enough.  What is the remedy?  As Christians we need to band together to live the righteousness of God to show others how wonderful God’s righteousness is.

Dear Heavenly Father, please help us to live Your righteousness.  Thank you that it is available to all who place their faith in Jesus Christ.  Please forgive our sins and help us to live the righteousness that You have given.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.

God is so good.

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