Loving Pain from Biblical Rebuke

I’m guessing I won’t find many people who enjoy rebuke.  I certainly don’t.  Any rebuke causes pain.  The verse I chose today talks about reproof as a way of life.  If we were perfect, we wouldn’t need discipline.  Right choices would come automatically.  We need help to stay on the right path.  I am so thankful for fellow believers who have spoken truth to me.  I am thankful for opportunities to be under the teaching of God’s word.  The Bible is the basis for helpful rebuke.

The beginning of today’s verse gives a bright illustration.  The commandments and teaching we get from Scripture are forms of light.  They illuminate the path we need to walk.  While reproof brings pain, it helps us walk the right direction.  There is no better life than walking God’s way.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for providing the light we need to walk the right path.  Please continue to teach me from Your word.  I want my life to reflect the truth of who You are.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.

God is so good.

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