Wisdom and Humility

I knew when I read this verse I wanted to write on pride vs. humility.  Unfortunately, this is a very difficult topic.  Pride in our modern-day world has been changed to mean “a healthy self-esteem”.  The longer I live, the less I like “self-esteem”.  We need to have a humble view of ourselves, but that comes with some pain.

First, I think we should be humble since we are all sinners (according to the book of Romans) and that comes with a penalty.  We cannot do anything to change that penalty.  Jesus had to die for us.  He did so willingly.  That alone should bring about humility. 

Unfortunately, as Christians we sometimes forget what Christ did for us.  We take a higher view of ourselves than we deserve.  We end up being proud of the fact that we are saved by grace.  That is such a contradiction.

Proverbs combines pride and disgrace and then humility and wisdom.  I want wisdom.  Therefore, I must work towards humility.  How do we become humble?  I think there are 3 steps.  First, I need to realize that I am prone to pride.  I am not going to naturally be humble.  Second, I need to find examples of humility.  This is hard because humility is quiet.  It doesn’t vie for attention.  I need to look for people who seek to imitate Christ.  He was the ultimate example of humility (Philippians 2).  As I see the character traits lived out in humble people, then I can imitate them.

Humility is hard, but worth it.  God’s way of wisdom is always worth pursuing.

Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to imitate the examples of humility you have placed in my life.  Please help me to learn humility to be an example for others.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.

God is so good.

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