Where is Integrity?

We live in a world where integrity doesn’t seem to matter.  Lies and manipulation are all too common.  But God tells us that integrity provides protection. 

I think most of us know that integrity is a good thing.  The challenge can come when we let our own desires become more important than God’s commands.  Compromise comes easily when we feel we deserve something.  I am thankful God provides instruction to direct my desires towards His.

Dear Heavenly Father, please direct my desires and behavior towards Your commands.  Please forgive me when I let my desires push past Yours.  Thank You for the protection that comes from integrity.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.

God is so good.

2 thoughts on “Where is Integrity?

  1. Proverbs is the book I go to when I want guidance in plain language. It has helped me bring an end to strife in many cases over the years. Have a nice weekend and a blessed Lord’s Day!


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