I was privileged to hear how God used something I did to encourage someone.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but hey – college students always like to get mail right?  So I started sending puzzle pieces that were meant as greeting cards.  My college student friend told me how much fun it was to get the first couple and then realize there were more to come.  The pieces fit together to make a picture on one side, but on the other you can write a message.  Some of my messages were a bit sarcastic (something my close friends see on occasion – ok maybe more often than that).  Most of my notes included something that I hoped would be encouraging.

We never know for sure how something will turn out, but if God leads please follow.  I had found this puzzle piece cards some months ago and had no idea who I would send them to.  I meant to encourage someone else, but tonight I was encouraged to hear her joy.

I know that we don’t always get to hear the results of our attempts to encourage others.  Sometimes it doesn’t work the way we hope it will.  However, I can assure you as you go to God in prayer He will lead you in a way that is worth following.  You will be able to give joy to someone else – and receive joy in return.

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