Meet Sheila

Meet Sheila. This is my “new-to-me” car. As for the name – friends of mine influenced me into naming cars. This one just looked like a Sheila to me. I have no idea why – she just does. 😉


Now for the story – last Sunday as I was driving to a graduation, my 1994 Olds broke down. Something literally fell out. I was able to pull into a park to safety, get the part from the street and then walk home. Thankfully I live in a small town and I was within 2 blocks of my house (through the park). When I got home I started looking for a car online. I had done some looking already knowing my car would need to be replaced within the next year anyway. While I didn’t know how big or small of a repair this would be, my heart was saying enough. The older cars get the more repairs they need.

A friend helped me get my car home and told me the shaft of the water pump had broken off (the piece that fell). A water pump is not a huge repair as long as it is taken care of right away. However, I had already been looking at cars online and found one I liked and felt I could afford. I asked a few friends to pray (the ones who also listened to me rattle on about car issues – I’ve owned multiple old cars over the years). I spent Sunday afternoon and evening praying hard. I reminded God how much I really wanted this car I saw, but I was concerned that I would make a wrong decision.

Monday (Memorial Day) came and about 10:30 I heard from the dealership and went to test drive the car. I originally planned to walk, but after sending a message requesting prayer, a friend from church offered to drive me. A friend who has mechanics experience. I went through the usual car dealership test drive, sales pitch, telling them what I was comfortable with – and then finally signing paperwork and drove the car away.

This was a combination of a frustrating weekend with God’s fun provisions mixed in. I have to admit; I prefer the fun blessings. Cars can be very frustrating. I don’t enjoy dealing with break-downs or dealerships. However, God works through all of those things to my spiritual growth (Romans 8:28). I was thankful for multiple things through this last week that affirmed I was making the right decision.

Life is full of challenges and blessings. Through them all God is good. He guides and provides. Praise His name!

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