Dirty Hands

I had so much fun last night getting my hands dirty.  I bought some flowers and put them in pots on my deck.  I also planted some bulbs in the ground.  My hands were filthy.  This picture was only after planting a few plants.  When it comes to flowers, I love to get my hands dirty.  I know there will be a benefit to it.  The reward is beautiful flowers all summer long.

Figuratively speaking, getting my hands dirty with people is a whole different story.  People can be ornery, manipulative and any number of other negative things.  People can bring blessings through kindness, caring and many positive things.  However, when people are messy, the dirt doesn’t always easily wash off.  There can be bruises and scars left after our interactions.  Yet, God commands us to interact with people – to get our hands dirty so to speak.  God will produce His beauty through the mess.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11adirty hand

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