A Special Tulip

Psalm 62 1-2

The tulip in this picture is called the Marilyn tulip.  I’m not sure which Marilyn anyone had in mind when naming this variety, but we will think of my mom’s sister. I shared a couple of weeks ago that my family was grieving the loss of my aunt.  While there is sadness, we take comfort in the knowledge that she is with Jesus.

Her memorial service was last weekend – right at the tail end of tulip time in Holland, MI.  Some of my family took time to enjoy the beautiful flowers.  My mom’s brother took this photo of the Marilyn tulip.

Psalm 62 became special to my aunt as she started realizing that her mind was succumbing to dementia.   Many forms of dementia come on gradually and the person has awareness of what is happening to them.  This can be a frightening time.  However, God is still good and provides protection and aid in our time of need.  Whatever that need may be.

So friend, wherever you are in life – whatever God is asking of you; He has a plan to take care of you.

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