Father Brother Son

On Mother’s Day, I introduced the title of Mother Sister Daughter, based on my relationships with many sisters in Christ. Now that Father’s Day is here, I want to talk about my spiritual brothers.

In order to keep relationships appropriate (a concept that can be lost by misuse of Christian liberty), I have to approach this differently. The Father concept is pretty easy. I have “dads” in my church. If you read back through some of my blog stories, you will see fatherly care (this could also be considered brotherly love). I have been blessed many times where guys in my church have helped me out – from mowing the lawn, to car care, clearing snow, roofing, relighting the pilot on my hot water heater (amidst jokes about blowing up my house), installing dead bolt locks, installing carpet, etc. 1 Corinthians 12 talks about serving; each member has different strengths. I can use tools, but there is a point where home-ownership projects overwhelm me. I am thankful for godly men who are willing to help me with projects that fit their strengths.

My stories about the help I have received can easily fall under the father and brother category. Now for the son portion – I have a mama bear personality. With the guys in my church I have to show it in a different way. As I have learned more about prayer, I am finding more ways to show appropriate Biblical love. Ultimately, God takes care of those things any way. I am simply His tool to use in the lives of those around me.

So on this Father’s Day, I want to thank the Father Brother Sons in my life. We don’t tend to verbalize thanks as much with the guys, but they like appreciation, too. So thank you – I appreciate your work and investment in my life.

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