God’s Law Brings Joy

Psalm 119 is filled with statements about God’s commands.  I fear even in our churches that we are losing the perspective of how good God’s ways are.  We think our own ways are better, but we label our ways as though they are God’s ways. May God help us to remember His ways.

How can a young person maintain a pure life?
By guarding it according to your instructions!
With all my heart I seek you.
Do not allow me to stray from your commands!

Psalm 119:9-10 NET

Dear Heavenly Father, I want to maintain a pure, clean life.  Thank You for giving instructions to follow.  Please keep me close to them.

In my heart I store up your words,
so I might not sin against you.

Psalm 119:11

The only way to live right is to keep your word in my heart.

You deserve praise, O Lord!
Teach me your statutes!
With my lips I proclaim
all the regulations you have revealed.

Psalm 119:12-13

Only You are worthy!  Your laws are worthy of praise.  I want to share that with others.

I rejoice in the lifestyle prescribed by your rules
as if they were riches of all kinds.

Psalm 119:14

I take joy and pleasure in what You want for me.  You only desire the best.  Thank you for Your generous gifts.

I will meditate on your precepts
and focus on your behavior.
I find delight in your statutes;
I do not forget your instructions.

Psalm 119:15-16

I commit to focusing on what You want.  I take joy in Your way.  You keep reminding me of Your instruction.

I pray this in Jesus Name.

God is so good.

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