God’s Way Provides Guidance

Be kind to your servant!
Then I will live and keep your instructions.

Psalm 119:17 (NET)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I need Your kindness to keep Your law at the front of my life. I am prone to go my own way.

Open my eyes so I can truly see
the marvelous things in your law!

Psalm 119:18

Please remove the blinders that hinder me from learning how wonderful Your law is.

I am like a foreigner in this land.
Do not hide your commands from me!
I desperately long to know
your regulations at all times.

Psalm 119:19-20

I need to remember Your ways all day and night.  I do not belong here, keep Your commands close.

You reprimand arrogant people.
Those who stray from your commands are doomed.
Spare me shame and humiliation,
for I observe your rules.
Though rulers plot and slander me,
your servant meditates on your statutes.

Psalm 119:21-23

Thank you for bringing justice to those who do not care about Your ways.  Please protect me from those who want me to stray from You.  I will continue to study Your ways.

Yes, I find delight in your rules;
they give me guidance.

Psalm 119:24

I praise You for Your law!  It gives me the right direction.

I pray this in Jesus name.

God is so good.

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