Inexpressible Thanks

I have had a few responses from others who shared their favorite verse about thankfulness.  Today I will share the verse my grandma sent to me. 

If you read all of chapter 9, you will find the concept of cheerful giving.  When we understand what God has done for us by sending Jesus Christ to die for our sins, cheerful giving is so much easier.   The Bible tells us that we are sinners – the book of Romans shares a lot about that.  We shouldn’t have too much trouble believing that when we look at the wrong all around us.  But I believe if we are honest with ourselves, we can see wrong within us.  That makes the joy of what God did greater.  Who can express the joy?  I am going to try throughout this month.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for sending Jesus Christ to die for me.  Thank You that everyone has the opportunity to know You and trust in Your Son.  The gift of salvation is indescribable.  I praise Your name!

I pray this in Jesus’ name.

God is so good.

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