The Power of Listening

I was given great power tonight.  I had two special friends listen.  They just listened as I talked about the life struggles I’m currently facing (mostly relating to my job).  They listened, sympathized, and didn’t really give much advice.  My friends gave me the chance to simply unburden my heart to them.

Mind you, neither one of my listening friends has a peachy keen life.  They have plenty of burdens of their own, and shared some of them with me.  However, they care so much about me that they took the time to listen.  To me.  The strength listening brings is phenomenal.

I pray you have a listening friend.  If a person is not readily available, God is an awesome listener (I have many times talked to Him when friends have not been available).  One of the things you can ask God is to give a friend to listen.  God wants to give good gifts (James 1:17).

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