Sometimes Waiting Comes to an End

I posted last week about how God was asking me to wait regarding my job.  My heart was a bit heavy – I had hopes that I would be given a job offer, but those hopes seemed dashed.  Today God gave a boost to my weak faith.  15 minutes before the end of my work day, my boss called me into his office.  I thought, “Oh great, I’m done.”  I prayed, reminding myself that God is in control.  We sat down and my boss handed me a job offer.  A very good job offer.  It was what I had hoped for in several areas and exceeded my expectations in one.

I am enjoying this answer to prayer, but one more huge blessing comes out of this.  I had shared with many my hope to get hired by this company.  I had shared my waiting lesson.  Now my friends and family get to rejoice with me in this news.  I have made several phone calls, sent text messages and posted on Facebook.  This praise is giving great pleasure to many.

God gives good gifts!  I technically unwrapped this present, but all of us get to partake in the excitement.

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